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We know that being a small-business owner or entrepreneur can feel lonely sometimes – that’s why if you’re in Austin in early November, we’ve got the perfect solution.

On Nov. 7 and 8, we’re going to be holding a “Mastermind” seminar, laser-focused on giving you the skills, expertise and confidence you need to grow your business, fast!

Mastermind seminars are hugely successful at sharing incredibly useful information and giving you hard-won insights you can turn into bottom-line results.


Here’s what to expect from the Mastermind seminar:

  • Share with your peers – One of the most valuable parts of the Mastermind experience is the ability to share, brainstorm and discuss important business areas with other entrepreneurs and small-business owners. You’ll be surprised just how many of the challenges you’re facing are shared by everyone else. Mastermind seminars help everyone share their collective intelligence.
  • Access to industry leaders– Our business coaches and participants come from dozens of different industries. Learn what’s going on in different sectors and get an expert point of view.
  • Learn how to refocus your thinking – Business change comes from personal change, and that comes from adjusting your thinking. The Mastermind seminar will teach you practical techniques to help you refocus and approach problems with the right mindset.
  • Work on the things that really matter, every day – You’ll learn how to prioritize everything you need to do lightning fast, and turn that into a practical action plan that will exponentially improve how you and your team work.
  • Breakthrough your barriers – Understand how to approach difficult issues from a different viewpoint. Learn advanced methods for seeing problems in a new way and the steps you can take to overcome them.


Find out more about the Mastermind seminar in Austin and sign up here.


Don’t just take our word for it.

“MAPS Business Training has given me incredible tools to help propel my new endeavor at a pace I hadn’t imagined possible. The program is empowering me to improve my professional and personal life. Life by design not by default! Change your thinking, change your world!” – Tasha Barlow, Financial Adviser


“I was amazed at what I learned! The interesting fact is attending the meeting on Wednesday morning and then Thursday implementing what I had learned! I worked with my team on lead generationand each time I received a negative comment back, I taught the team to say “stop it.”It really works! Just this weekend alone, I have seen more productivity from the team.” – Ken Ohlwiler, Executive Consultant


What are you waiting for?

You’ll come away from this event with a fresh perspective, new tools and techniques, and the confidence to put them into practice. It’s a great opportunity to share your questions and challenges, get practical advice on how to solve them, and offer your own expertise to help others.

You’ll build a network of business experts, make new connections, and come away with fresh ideas, all designed so you can build a better business.

Don’t wait any longer and sign up today!

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