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So much business advice focuses on the “big” choices you can make that it’s easy to forget small things can make a big difference too. In fact, when it comes to building personal, lasting, fulfilling relationships, it’s often the tiniest things that build deep trust.

These small gestures, while seemingly inconsequential, really add up over time. In a world that’s becoming increasingly impersonal, taking a few moments to really connect with your customers can make a huge difference.

Making these connections isn’t just great because it feels good; involved customers can also:

  • Be advocates for your business.
  • Give you a clearer sense of direction.
  • Help you refine your products and services.
  • Provide their loyalty and good ideas.

Here’s a selection of small, simple gestures you could make that will help your customers feel a little bit special.


Send personal messages

Taking the trouble to handwrite a note or card is a great way to show a customer you really care. From birthday cards to festive greetings, a thank-you note, or a follow-up, customers remember these types of gestures.

These really make a difference if you’re delivering a custom product or service. Send a note a couple of weeks later to verify everything is working as intended – and remember, handwritten cards are perceived as much more valuable than a quick email follow-up.


Add something special to a delivery

If you deliver a physical product, think about putting something extra in the box. Whether it’s a simple sticker, a card, or just a “thank you” and smiley face on the bottom of a delivery note, all these things make your business more personable. You could even include a sample of a new product to give your repeat customers a chance to try it out.


Make your customer service extraordinary

Things go wrong – customers know that. Customer service is one of those times where you can make a gesture, apologize and win them over. It’s about doing more than just fixing the problem. Sending a personal email afterward, giving them a call to apologize and telling them you’ll learn from it: these go to show you care about customers as individuals.


Provide discounts and free trials to loyal customers

People love being rewarded for their loyalty. If you’ve got regular customers, provide discount codes and free trials without being asked. Not only will they appreciate it; if they like the product or service, they might sign up for longer, meaning you’ve also increased your revenue.


Use technology in a smart way

If you’ve got the right technology, you can use this to enhance customer interactions. For example:

  • Notify them if an item on their wishlist goes on sale.
  • Tell them when an item they have searched for is in stock.
  • Customize the landing pages on your website to their needs.

These might all seem small by themselves, but taken together they really do make a huge difference. If there’s one thing you need to do, it’s to stand out from your competitors. One of the best ways to do that is to add a personal touch and build a better connection with your customers.

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