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Trust is one of the most powerful and elusive emotions there is. It can take years to create, but it can be shattered in seconds. It’s a strong force in business too, and building authenticity with your employees and your customers will contribute to your success.

Here are some tips on how to create trust with everyone your business interacts with.


Find your business values and stick to them

We all have personal values, but businesses have values too – Google’s is to make all the world’s information searchable, while Tesla focuses on disruption and doing things differently. You already have business values, even if you don’t know it yet. They’re the approach, philosophy and meaning behind why you do what you do. Spend some time thinking about, capturing and sharing those values.

  • For your employees, these values let them understand what everyone is working toward and creates a common sense of purpose.
  • For your customers, they show what you believe. Customers like interacting with businesses who believe what they believe.

Learn what people need and respond to it

Everyone is motivated by need. Whether that’s the need for money and attention or the need for a quick and easy solution to business management, it drives our behavior. That’s why you should never start by explaining why your product is best, but instead ask, “What can I do for you?” Meeting needs quickly and effectively is one of the best ways to create trust.

  • For your employees, it’s about learning what motivates them to come and work with you every day. Find out about their hopes, fears, challenges and successes, and tailor your approach around that.
  • For your customers, you need to understand why they are coming to your business. What unique problem are you solving, and how can you do that best? Take their feedback and use it to refine your products and services.


Always meet or exceed expectations

With so much competition out there, people have an almost unlimited choice. One way to stand out from the crowd is to provide products, services and support that’s truly excellent. This means doing what you say you will, when you say you’ll do it. It also includes communicating honestly, promptly and effectively. If you can tweak and refine your products around what your customers and employees have suggested, you’re actively demonstrating you care.

  • For your employees, it’s about demonstrating trust with them. Give them autonomy to use their skills, talent and expertise in a way that best supports your business.
  • For your customers, it’s about exceptional customer service, from the moment they find your website through receiving a product and beyond.

Remember, trust is an ongoing thing. It’s not just a case of doing something well once or twice, or listening to a customer only the first time they order.

Trust is earned, and that comes from being consistently excellent. If you start by demonstrating and sharing trust with your colleagues, you’ll find it gets baked into the fiber of your business. Your customers will notice, and you’ll benefit as a result.

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